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Faculty - Andy Mauery

Associate Professor of Art

2D Design, 3D Design, Installation, Sculpture

Andy Mauery

Andy Mauery is an artist and educator currently living in Veazie, Maine. A sculptor who works with a variety of methods and materials, Mauery creates objects/sketches and large-scale installations as well as designing collaborative workshops. She earned her MFA in Sculpture from West Virginia University, and is an Associate Professor of Art and the Foundations Coordinator at The University of Maine, where she has been teaching since 2000. Her courses include 2D Design, 3D Design, Sculpture, and Studio topics courses such as Sustainable Sculpture and Sculptural Fibers. Her creative work centers on questioning and placement, and the human desire to make plain the complexities of life. She has exhibited in the US, Denmark, and Peru, and has been awarded several faculty research grants to study fibers techniques, glassblowing, and glass casting.

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