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Studying Aquaculture at UMaine - Bachelor of Science in Marine Science with an Aquaculture Concentration

Aquaculture courses at the University of Maine offer a thorough training opportunity in key aspects of the industry, and focused training is provided in senior capstone and graduate training opportunities.  The program offers students the flexibility to study aquaculture as a concentration forming part of a B.Sc. in Marine Science, or as a Minor paired with any Major studied at the University of Maine.

The Marine Science Bachelor degree consists of a core curriculum in addition to the aquaculture courses listed below.

You will have the opportunity to interact closely with faculty and graduate students, take challenging courses involving lectures, student-led seminars, and dry and wet lab tutorials.  Graduates from this program will be prepared for technical and supervisory postions in the aquaculture industry, and also will be prepared to pursue other advanced degrees.  UMaine aquaculture courses are led by the renowned School of Marine Sciences, and also benefit from the expertise of faculty based in Animal & Veterinary Sciences and UMaine’s Aquaculture Research Institute.  Our courses are taught by internationally known and recognized experts in their fields of study and work.  Their involvement and the involvement form ARI ensures that teaching is up-to-date with the latest issues in aquaculture, and that students are exposed to issues that are relevant to Maine’s aquaculture industry.

  • SMS 211- Introduction to Aquaculture (3 credits)
  • SMS 309 Techniques in Shellfish Aquaculture (2 credits)
  • SMS 401 Critical issues in Aquaculture (1 credit per semester)
  • SMS 409 Shellfish Aquaculture (3 credits)
  • SMS 420 Aquaculture 1 (3 credits)
  • SMS 421 Aquaculture 2 (3 credits)
  • SMS 422 Biology of Fishes (3 credits)
  • SMS 425 Applied Population genetics (3 credits)
  • SMS 449 Aquaculture Systems (3 credits)
  • SMS 467 Fish Nutrition and Feeding (3 credits)
To study Aquaculture as a concentration forming part of a BS in Marine Sciences contact:

Dr. William Ellis

School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine
360 Aubert Hall
Orono ME, 04469-5706

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