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Aquaculture for kids and schools!

Hey kids…

Do you want to know what a fish farm pond looks like?  Try out this cool site to get a virtual tour of a farm pond in Virginia.

Do you want to see how a mussel eats?

Are you a teacher and would like some information on aquaculture to use in your classroom?

Having animals and plants for students to touch and talk about, helps engage students of any level. There are a variety of shellfish and sea vegetable species that are currently farmed in Maine, or are under development for sea-farming: clams, razor clams, whelks, mussels, oysters, kelp, scallops.  Each has different wild habitat and biology, so it is a great way of challenging kids to think about how they may be farmed in light of those differences.

Working with Maine Sea Grant and 4H, ARI is developing an innovative program of K-12 materials to educate Maine’s youth about aquaculture.  It introduces the concepts of aquaculture, the impact of aquaculture in our lives, the importance of the industry to Maine, and aquaculture as a career choice – in a fun and memorable way.  We hope these experiences will increase the numbers of students interested in STEM undergraduate courses, and aquaculture in particular, and will underpin workforce development for future generations of aquaculturists.  To obtain teaching materials or find out more, contact Dr Anne Langston at

Field Trips

The Aquaculture Research Center on the Orono campus at the University of Maine, hosts approximately 1000 K-12 students per year on field trips.  These range from pre-school to high school age students.  To find out more, contact Dr Anne Langston at