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ARI Post- Docs, and Doctoral Candidates - Mike Pietrak


B.A. in Biology, Ithaca College

Three Seas Program (formerly East-West), Northeastern University

M.S. in Marine Biology, University of Maine


Mike got interested in aquaculture while still an undergraduate student at Ithaca.  After working at several marine labs and on a schooner for 3years after graduating he came to the University of Maine to get a Master’s of Science in Marine Biology.  Following his interest, he looked at the development of sea lice and bio-security on salmon farms.  Upon completion of his master’s degree in 2002, he went to work for the Maine Aquaculture Association (MAA) as the Project Manager and Biologist for the association.   Mike’s interest and previous work include: public education about aquaculture, bringing current scientific knowledge and understanding to growers, and conducting applied on farm research.  In all of his activities he tries to focus on developing and implementing new husbandry techniques to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of cold water marine aquaculture.


Mike’s current PhD research is focused on investigating the role of mussels co-cultured with either cod or salmon in spreading or removing fish pathogens from the water.





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