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ARI Directors - Dr Anne Langston

Anne Langston, Associate Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute

Anne has a background in Oceanography (BSc Hons, University of Plymouth, UK) and Fish Biology (MSc Applied Fish Biology, University of Plymouth, UK) and moved onto fish health and aquaculture when she started post-graduate employment at the Scottish Office Marine Labortory in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Studies on triploid Atlantic salmon led to a doctorate (PhD Marine Biology, University of St Andrews, UK) and post-doctoral employment in Glasgow, and Cork  before moving into human clinical trials – a more logical progression than you might imagine where a highly developed ability to implement good experimental design is required. Anne then spent just over 12 years leading multi-centre clinical trials (with a particular focus on bone diseases) at the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee, and established and managed two clinical trial units.  Latterly, Anne developed considerable experience in institution preparation and readiness for statutory regulatory inspections for clinical drug trials, culminating in a position as Senior R&D Manager for the joint R&D NHS and University R&D Office in Dundee, and the Tayside Academic Health Science node.  She recently relocated from the University of Dundee and now works at the University of Maine as the Associate Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute – turning full circle and coming home to aquaculture!

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