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ARI People - ARI Affiliates

ARI Affiliates are:

  • University of Maine System faculty or staff that co-operate with ARI regularly on research projects, or who have a research interest in aquaculture; or
  • People external to the University of Maine System who are active research collaborators with ARI.
The benefits of affiliation with ARI are orientated at supporting and facilitating research activity, and include:
  • help to facilitate the development of projects with ARI members;
  • meeting venue support;
  • assistance with grant development and budgeting;
  • co-ordination of access to resources (e.g. research animals, aquaria, lab space); and
  • the opportunity to participate in ARI networking activities, and interact with like-minded people.

Applications for membership or affiliation will be reviewed by the ARI Membership Committee.  Applications should be submitted in writing to and must include a CV, list of publications, and a covering letter.

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