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ARI Facilities - Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research, Franklin

The facility (CCAR) is located on Taunton Bay in Franklin, Maine.  After taking over the property in 1999 we set about modernizing and expanding the facilities, upgrading the systems to include innovative recirculating technologies, waste water treatment systems and to comply with all relevant building and safety codes.

In 2003 we built the “MTI Cluster Enhancement” funded buildings to add multi purpose space for business incubation and R&D.

In 2005 we added the EDA funded marine fish hatchery, to enable us to produce a variety of marine fish for the industry.

In addition to having the facilities, experience and knowledge, we are able to assist industry partners in applying for outside funding for thier R&D projects and will help design and manage R&D projects from basic research, all the way through to the design of full scale commercial farming.

The flexibility of the facilities allows for a wide range of work on a wide range of species.  These include: cold water marine fish, including Atlantic halibut and Atlantic cod; tropical marine fish, such as Clown fish;  a variety of invertebrates including polychaete worms and sea urchins; and marine algae.

Working for a diverse and sustainable aquaculture industry

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