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ARI Facilities - Biosecure Aquaria at Orono

FISHlab- Fishery innovation, sustainablitity, and health lab.  

FISHlab, will be an innovative, state of the art facility and is supported by the Maine Technology Institute through a Maine Technology Asset Fund grant.  The faciltiy will be located on the Univeristy of Maine, Orono campus; adjacent from the already existing Aquacutlture Research Center.  Faciltiy is aiming to be completed fall 2012.

FISHlab will meet the proposed units and standards of an animal biosafety level (ABL) ll facility with BSL lll containment capabilities for fish and shellfish pathogens.

The FISHlab project will add ~1,400 square feet of building space to house a wet lab for quarantine of infectious organisms.  It will also include 2 wet lab/isolation aquaria units of ~ 410 square feet each.  This facility will almost triple the aquaria space available for aquaculture research on the Orono campus, and provide an innovative, state of the art facility for the conduct of studies with a wide range of fish and shellfish pathogens.

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