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ARI Facilities

ARI combines the research strengths of the University of Maine with those of its outstations.

The ARI has facilities at three campuses:

The base facility is on the Orono campus consisting of offices, laboratories, a shared BSL3 containment disease research aquarium in Hitchner Hall, as well as the Aquaculture Research Center which houses numerous small-scale research projects and an Aquaculture Interpretation Center.  A new disease aquarium (FISHlab) is under construction and is due to be opened in Fall 2012.

The Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research (CCAR) at Franklin, Maine provides the institute with large-scale research facilities and is particular well suited for technology transfer projects as well as long term experiments and broodstock programs.

The Darling Marine Center (DMC), in Walpole ME, specializes in shellfish aquaculture and provides UMaine’s only shellfish hatchery facility for research.

Business incubation facilities are available at CCAR, Franklin and DMC, Walpole.

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