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Experimental Scallop Farming Project

Chris Vonderweit (Dept of Marine Resources) and Dana Morse (Maine Sea Grant)  visited Kevin Scott at the Salt Pond site, and Marsden in Stonington. With them were Bill Trotter and Gabor Degre of the Bangor Daily News; they took a bunch of photos/video and Bill put together a great articlae viewable at

The experimental scallop farming project continues to go well at both sites, and we’ll start to see effects of density experiments soon: there is a lot of growth sideways (Shell Width) and the shells are standing taller too (Shell Depth).  We have started to collect a little data on the Shell Height/Shell Width ratio to capture this, but there’s not much to report on there yet.

At one site the Aquatrays got hit with a pretty heavy barnacle set, including the scallops inside the cages, though the shellfish bags seemed to avoid this more or less…unclear as to why that was.  Mortality at both sites was near zero. And biotoxin sampling continues but again nothing to report yet.   For more information contact Dana Morse (



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