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Teacher Workshop on Aquaponics, August 23rd 2012

August 23, 2012, 1pm

Aquaculture Research Center, UMaine, Orono

Aquaponics is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment.  Water is cycled between fish tanks and plant growing areas, and the fish waste acts as a fertilizer for the plant crops. These systems are efficient and water-wise, using 90% less water than conventional vegetable gardens or aquaculture systems.

Aquaponics is an amazing tool for teachers and educators. Aquaponics systems bring science and ecology to life by showing a living, breathing example of what can happen when people work with nature to help grow their food.  Lessons can range from biology, physics, and chemistry, to horticulture, zoology, and nutrition.

Come along to this workshop and learn how to put together a classroom sized aquaponics system.  With opportunities for hands on experience, and ideas for lesson plans, this no-fee course offers the opportunity to find out more about a dynamic, interactive teaching tool!

Please register for this event. Limited spaces available.

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