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Colleagues in Dept of Chemistry Receive Award to Develop Nitrate Monitor

Jim Killarney and John Ahern have been working with the Aquaculture Research Institute on development of a gadget to monitor nitrates in recirculation systems and bioremediation sites.  They have recently been awarded an MTI seed grant on their project Chemiluminescence Detection of Nitrates and THMs. The ability to detect nitrates and disinfectant byproducts in place and in real-time greatly improves process controls and pollution monitoring for aquaculture and drinking water treatment.  The University of Maine is developing a sensor that takes advantage of a novel spectrometer design that measures the chemiluminescence of these compounds.  The scope of this project is to obtain the technical and customer requirements of a chemiluminescence based sensor which will allow us to design our beta prototype device.  The lightweight, durable monitoring device will be deployable and provide pollutant concentration data in real-time to end users.

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