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Student Health 101


Student Health 101 is a monthly magazine dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for students. Articles range anywhere from healthy eating, fitness, financial management, study tips for finals, managing stress, and relationship advice. Click the covers to see what’s inside!



April 2014
What’s inside?
-How Do You De-Stress?
-Taking the Fear Out of Financial Aid
-5 Effective Fitness Fads
-Boiled, Fried, Scrambled or Chocolate?
-When Is Alcohol a Problem?



SH101Cover0314-2694March 2014
What’s inside?
-The 10-Dollar Challenge
-What Would You Do With $2,500?
-Failure is a Part of Success
-Your Favorite Pizza Topping?
-Android or iPhone?



SH101Cover0214-2694February 2014
What’s inside?
-The Reality of Romance
-Valentine’s Day, Love It or Hate It?
-What’s Your Favorite Breakfast?
-Don’t Break the Bank
-What’s Your Theme Song?



SH101Cover0114-2694January 2014
What’s inside?
- Conquer Your Stress
- Creative Kitchen Solutions
- Queen of Pushups, King of Squats
- Make the Grade
- Organize Your Job Search




December 2013
What’s inside?
- Fitting in Fitness
- Swipe or No Swipe?
- Rev Up Your Metabolism
- Relationship Red Flags
- Calm Your Classroom Nerves



SH101Cover1113-2694  November 2013
What’s inside?
-Sweat Out Your Stress
-What’s the Right Number of Meals for You?
-Creative Study Techniques
-The Many Faces of Depression
-“I Only Smoke When…”


SH101Cover1013-2694October 2013
What’s Inside?
-Going Beyond Pen & Paper
-That Thing At The Gym?
-Do You Drink?
-The FoMO Phenomenon
-Roommate Resolutions


SH101Cover0913-2694September 2013
What’s Inside?
-Get Up, Get Going
-Bedtime Basics
-What Would You Do?
-The Beginners Guide to Budgeting
-Chart Your Course
SH101Cover0413-2694April 2013
What’s Inside?
-Power Up Your Plate
-Beat the Stress Before Your Test
-Drinking Differences
-The Social Web
-Run With Your Passion
-FitnessU: Equipment-Free Resistance Training


March 2013
What’s inside?
-The Five Elements of Fitness
-What’s Your Learning Style
-The 8-Hour Advantage
And more!



 February 2013
What’s inside?
-Solo & Satisfied
-Capturing Your Creativity
-Get More From Your Core
-Stop, Collaborate, and Listen
-UCookbook: Healthy Chocolate Recipes
-FitnessU: Developing Flexibility



January 2013
What’s inside?
-13 Aps for a Healthy 2013
-Let’s Talk Sex
-Roommates & Shared Spaces
-No Stove? No Problem
-UCookbook: Quick and Healthy Breakfasts
-FitnessU: Intervals


December 2012
What’s inside?
-4 Steps to Successful Finals
-Fight the Urge to Splurge
-Eat Well in Hectic Times
-Fling or Forever?
-UCookbook: A Sweet Tooth Without Added Sugar
-FitnessU: Quick & Effective Exercise During Finals


November 2012
What’s Inside?
-Love Your Body
-Snooze or Lose
-Good, Quick Sex
-Sweat Out the Storm
-UCookbook: Let’s Get Fruity: Cooking With Dried Fruits
-FitnessU: Understanding and Reaching Your Optimal Heart Rate