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Courses - ANT 300 Level Courses

* = Required Courses

ANT 300* – Basic Theory in Cultural Anthropology

A seminar in which the most important theories shaping modern cultural and social anthropology will be presented through the analysis of key monographs. Emphasis placed on developing critical thinking and library research skills. Required of all Anthropology majors.

Satisfies the General Education Social Context and Institutions, Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives and Writing Intensive Requirements.

Prerequisites & Notes Permission and ANT 102 and ANT major standing.

Credits: 3

ANT 317* – Fundamentals of Archaeology

Techniques of excavation and analysis; theoretical basis of methods and fundamental principles; application to specific case studies; the use of geological, biological, chemical and other tools in archaeological research. A one-day compulsory weekend field trip to local archaeological sites.

Satisfies the General Education Applications of Scientific Knowledge and Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives Requirements.

Prerequisites & Notes ANT 101 or ANT 170 or ANT 173 or ANT 207 or permission. Required for Anthropology majors.

Credits: 3

ANT 330 – The US Folk Experience

Examines how disenfranchised groups respond through their traditional expressive folklore to the incidences, causes and effect of racism and injustice found in the United States, as well as maintaining and conveying their values, and sense of identity at simultaneous levels (individual, communal, regional) to each other and the larger society. Groups we will read and examine will be Afro-American, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, and Euro-American.

Satisfies the General Education Western Cultural Tradition and Cultural Diversity & International Perspectives Requirements.

Credits: 3

ANT 340 – Arctic and Subarctic Archaeology

This course explores the archaeology of Arctic and Subarctic peoples from their initial occupation of the region through to the historic era, with an emphasis on the archaeology of North America. Important themes include the causes and consequences of changing climate in Arctic regions, human migration across the Arctic, and adaptations to the Arctic through technology, ideology, artwork, and subsistence, as well as the history of research in the region.

Prerequisites & Notes: ANT 101

Credits: 3

ANT 372 – North American Prehistory

The history of North American native peoples from the first evidence to the arrival of the Europeans. Emphasis on major issues such as glacial and postglacial adaptation, development of agriculture, and the emergence of sedentism.

Prerequisites & Notes ANT 101.

Credits: 3

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