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Master Gardener Volunteers - Master Gardener Volunteer Opportunities 2014

NEWDownload the MGV Monthly Report Form (Word) form to record your volunteer hours. When completed, mail, fax or email it to KymNoelle at the UMaine Cooperative Extension office, 24 Main St., Lisbon Falls, ME 04252. Fax 1.866.500.9088.


NEWDownload a RequestforMasterGardeningAssistance (PDF) form for new project consideration. When completed, mail, fax or email it to the UMaine Cooperative Extension office. Once approved by Tori Jackson, it will be listed below.


NEW – Download a 2014 And-Sag Garden Angel Brochure (PDF) for clients who need assistance gardening. When completed, mail, fax or email it to the UMaine Cooperative Extension office. Once approved by Tori Jackson, it will be emailed to active MGVs.

NEW – Androscoggin-Sagadahoc Counties MGV Tools and Supplies

MGV Project Tool Inventory (PDF) This is a list of tools and supplies available for use or loan for Master Gardener Volunteer projects. Please contact KymNoelle Sposato, or call the office at 353.5550 to check availability.


NEW – Compost Available

Dana Rickman has an abundance of compost at her home, that she is making available for MGV projects. Please contact her at the UMaine Cooperative Extension office 207.353.5550 or email Dana directly, if you’re interested.


NEW – MGV Project Signs

Also available are UMaine Extension, Master Gardener Volunteer project signs. They can be used for on-going projects, or day-long workshops in which the MGV participates. Please sign these out at the Extension office.


NEW – Seed Packets

There are many donated vegetable and flower seed packets for Master Gardener Volunteer project use. Feel free to stop by the office and choose your seeds! Or contact KymNoelle Sposato, to see what seeds are still available.

Androscoggin-Sagadahoc Counties Office Beautification

Looking for one or more MGVs to maintain a garden patch behind the office building in Lisbon Falls. The design includes shrubs and herbaceous perennials – no annuals.


Androscoggin-Sagadahoc Counties Home Horticulture Calls

MGV(s) On-site: Debbie B., Tymbre D., Kate W., Barbara B.

Would you like to answer Gardening Calls that come in to the Cooperative Extension office? The Master Gardener Library and computer (and your training, of course) will provide the resources to help you help local gardeners find the answers they need.

Please contact Tori Jackson or KymNoelle Sposato, or call the office at 353.5550.


Garden Angel

*For Certified Master Gardener Volunteers only* If interested please talk with Tori Jackson via email or call 353.5550. Download a 2014 And-Sag Garden Angel Brochure (PDF) for clients who need assistance gardening. When completed, mail, fax or email it to the UMaine Cooperative Extension office. Once approved by Tori Jackson, it will be emailed to active MGVs.


NEW – Edward Little High School River Day Field Trip

Contact: Email Brandy McFadden or call 207.713.9277 x2919

Location: Androscoggin River

Date(s): Thursday, October 2, and Friday, October 3, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

We are reaching 300 students over 2 days. We have 3 sites along the Androscoggin River (Turner, Rancourt Perserve and Durham) and 50 students go to each site. They are broken down into 5 stations and rotate from station to station from 8:30-11:30 am. The volunteers would be working with groups of roughly 10 students and repeat the activity 5 times in a day.

Detailed information can be found here, Edward Little HS River Day info (Word)


NEW – Ricker Memorial Library/Poland Public Library – Container Gardening Presentation

Contact: Email Debbie Lam, or call 207.998.2362

Location: 1211 Maine Street, Poland, ME

Date: Sunday, April 12, 2015. 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Dinner (MGV is welcome to join them). 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. presentation

This is a one hour educational program for Poland residents on container gardening, they are looking for a speaker and hands-on container garden demonstration on how to mix soil and choose plants.

Library cannot provide any materials, but if the presenter wants the group to bring their own supplies, they will. Provide a list to Debbie of what is needed, and she will let group know.


NEW – Gardening with Children & Composting Workshop at the Day Care Connection in Auburn

Contact: Email Rose Pelletier or 207. 782.7431

Location: 270 Minot Ave., Auburn, Maine

This is a group of child care providers who meet once per month, for 2 hours, and they’d like to have a Master Gardener Volunteer for their April 2015 meeting to train child care providers how to educate children on gardening and composting.

They’re looking for information on how to get started gardening in a box or raised bed and also how to compost at their individual daycare facilities.

They need volunteers in place by the beginning of August so that they can finalize and print their brochure for the coming year.


NEW – ReTreeUS, Orchards and Gardens in Schools

Contact: Email Richard Hodges, Coordinator, or call 207.319.4937

ReTreeUS plants educational orchards in public schools K-12.  We install educational signs that convey important information about environmental and historical information.  We also lead workshops for students involved with our programs, teaching about orchard care and home gardening.

The scope of ReTreeUS is rather large, however, we utilize volunteers for very specific tasks.  Currently we are in 10 Maine schools and have collaborated with 2 other non-profits (Wolfe’s Neck Farm and Cultivating Community.  We would utilize Master Gardener Volunteers for very specific projects, at a single school, for example.  We want to be sure all volunteers are well supported and will not be overwhelmed with too much responsibility. Master Gardener Volunteers will work with students and teachers to plant and maintain educational orchards.

ReTreeUS provides all necessary resources for each site, Master Gardeners are only asked to bring a pair of gloves and a water bottle.

This project is ongoing.

NEW – Richmond Area Food Bank

Gleaning from the Bath Farmers Market for benefit of, the Richmond Area Food Bank and Bread of Life Soup Kitchen

MGV(s) On-site: Alan P.

Contact: Email  Janette Sweem  or call (h) 207.737.2922 or (c) 207.838.9140

Location: 15 Spruce St., Richmond, Maine

MGVs would collect food every Saturday, until the Market moves to their winter market location, and deliver it to the Richmond Area Food Bank on the 3rd Saturday of each month, and to the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen in Augusta on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays of each month.

Richmond Food Bank will provide vehicle, trailer, boxes for the food.

This project is ongoing through Fall 2014.


Good Shepherd Food Bank Demo Garden

Contact: Email Amanda Marino, GSFB Volunteer Manager

Location: Good Shepard Food Bank, 3121 Hotel Rd., Auburn, ME 04210

The Good Shepherd Food Bank is working to plan and develop a demonstration garden! Our goal is to create a space that demonstrates a variety of different ways to grow food with confined space, a small budget and little gardening knowledge. The garden will be utilized as an educational area that exhibits how to grow food on a limited budget with limited gardening experience. We are currently in the process of planning the garden. We are seeking volunteers who might like to be involved in any phases of the project (i.e. planning, raised bed construction, planting, and or maintenance).

If you are interested and would like to know more, please email Amanda Marino, Volunteer Manager directly.

Tedford Housing – Veggies for Bath Supportive Housing Tenants

Contact: Email Martha Stein or call 729.1161 x101

Location: 2 Locations in Bath: Gilbert Place, 500 Middle St. and Evergreen Woods, 10 James Way

MGV(s) On-site: Laurie B., Michelle R.

Gilbert Place – Determine where in the very small space some veggies could be included, beans, or something that would grow vertically. There is a sunny porch that would be a good place for containers. Residents expressed interest in tomatoes and cucumbers last year. What’s needed: 1. Education, how to care for veggies and keeping tobacco out of area/hand washing (unfortunately, there are lots of smokers). Soil testing (if planting in ground and not needed if just doing containers, planning/educating with residents. 2. Planting, growing vegetables in a very small space, increasing self-sufficiency and independence, improving nutrition/diets, team building/working together as neighbors, etc. 3. Checking in a few times during the season, and putting the garden to bed in Fall.

Evergreen Woods – At least one of the families n the apartment building is very interested in growing vegetables and there is a 10’ x 6’ plot that has not been used in a few years, both children and adults would be involved in this project. Kids range in age from toddlers to high school age. What’s needed: 1. Soil testing, garden planning/educating residents. 2. Amending soil if needed, planting, and fencing (there are deer and other critters around). 3. Checking in a few times during the season, and putting the garden to bed in Fall.

Tedford Housing does not have necessary materials and resources readily available. We can ask for donations and I am hoping the MGVs would be able to provide some of the items (bring their own tools, seed donation from And/Sag Extension Office). As I am very active with the Cumberland County Master Gardeners I would also ask some of my contacts there for specific items, once we know what is needed.


Sagadahoc County Offices

Contact: Email  Pam Hile or call 443.8202

Location: 752 High St., Bath

MGV(s) On-site: Cory G., Michelle R.

There are two raised beds, each roughly 8 feet x 11.5 feet, they would like filled with perennial plantings, bulbs etc., which would be labeled with name and care instructions, and would available for enjoyment by both staff and the numerous individuals utilizing County services at the Courthouse.

It is an opportunity to allow individuals of all ages to become familiar with perennial varieties, their care, the Master Gardener program, and the County Extension. Once the initial garden planning and planting is completed, occasional volunteer time would be necessary for on-going care, Sagadahoc County staff will follow through with weeding and watering, MGV would be needed to advise. Contact Pam Hile for more information, and to take on this project.


Woodside School Garden

Contact: Email Rick Dedek  or call 725.1243

Location: 43 Barrows Dr., Topsham

MGV(s) On-site: Rose N.

The current plan includes involving grades K-5 in planting and maintaining a school garden. A site needs to be selected, a soil test needs to be done, raised beds need to be constructed and installed, a core group of volunteers, (teachers, parents, and students), needs to be established to maintain the garden in summer.

The current plan envisions 6 raised beds; one for each grade. Master Gardener Volunteer, Rose Nelson is already at this site, but could use more help, please contact her directly at


The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer, Hope & Healing – Dempsey Center Community Garden

Contact: Email Mary Doyle  or call 330.7457

Location: 29 Lowell St., 5th Floor, Lewiston

MGV(s) On-site: Dennis C.

This garden will be used to grow healthy food that can be incorporated into a cancer treatment and prevention diet. The garden will also be used to develop a supportive relationship with cancer survivors and family and friends through a collaborative activity. There are several raised bed gardens, that need to be planned, planted and monitored throughout each growing season, as well as a plan for keeping and storage of vegetables after growing. The timeline for this project is late winter/spring through the fall harvest. Please contact Mary Doyle directly if you’re interested in this project.


Auburn Police Dept. Police Activities League (P.A.L.) Center

Contact: Email Tom Poulin or call 576.0718

Location: 60 Court St., Auburn

MGV(s) On-site: Dennis C., Anna L., Paula C. E., Nancy M.

The Auburn Police Dept. Police Activities League (P.A.L.) Center needs assistance with starting and maintaining 2 garden plots, 10’x20’ and 10’x40’, as well as instructing and guiding 3 groups of children ages 10 through 17 (grades 4 though 12) in the gardens. They would like to instruct the children on the value of growing a garden, and harvesting nutritious foods. The P.A.L. Center has a few garden tools, and the ability to purchase more on the recommendation of the MGV. Please contact Tom Poulin or 576-0718. Please let KymNoelle at the Cooperative Extension office know if you’ll be taking part in this project, so we can keep track of the MGVs helping.


Topsham Fair August 2015

Contact: Email Sarah Sparks or Kristy Ouellette or call the Extension office 353.5550

Sunday, August 12th (tentative) is 4-H Day at Topsham Fair. We will be hosting 4-H Agricultural Adventures, from 1:30 – 2:30 on this day. We are hoping to have 6-8 tables with different activities for kids to participate in during this time. We would like to invite any Master Gardeners interested in hosting a table with an activity to join us. This will include a scavenger hunt that will have multiple questions to encourage youth to learn more about agriculture in their community. These are some examples of potential activities for tables.

  • planting a small container with a flower or vegetable
  • parts of a flower
  • parts of an insect
  • identify insects/vegetables/flowers
  • tree identification
  • how heirloom vegetables differ from GMO vegetables


Region 10 Technical High School – Region 10 Community Garden

Contact: Email Ellen Turcotte

Location: 68 Church Rd., Brunswick

This project opportunity educates high school students on the value of purchasing locally, eating locally, and growing their own food. There are 15’x20’ raised beds with good soil and all the necessary tools and materials needed are on site. There is also the ability to purchase more materials if needed within reason. They will need ongoing maintenance of the gardens. Please contact Ellen Turcotte if you’re interested in this project.


Tree Street Youth Community Center – Raising Our Vegetables Garden

Contact: Email Julia Sleeper

Location: 144 Howe St., Lewiston

This garden project for children 12-18 (grades 6 to 12) educates them about photosynthesis, responsibility for taking care of plant, learning about healthy food, and producing healthy food locally. There are waist-high plating troughs for planting and maintaining. They will need assistance starting seeds, and on-going maintenance of gardens. Please contact Julia Sleeper if you’re interested in this project.


Margaret Murphy Center for Children Garden (MMCCGarden)

Contact: Email Kate Silva

Location: 655 Main St., Lewiston

This garden project is for children ages 11-21 (middle & secondary school). It teaches Maine Produce Therapy (MLR) for kids who are developmentally disabled. There are several large raised gardens, some with arbors. They will need assistance from seed to fruit and all tasks in between. It is a full year school, so there is opportunity for on-going maintenance. School hours are M-F 8:00 am to 4 pm with teachers, and 8:30 am to 3:00 with kids. Please contact Kate Silva if you’re interested in this project.


Maine Harvest for Hunger

MHH is a way to volunteer on any scale. See the MHH website for full information.


Washburn Norlands Living History Center

Contact: Email or call 897.4366


Topsham Public Library  – Public Garden Development: Children’s, Universal Access, Butterfly and Birdsong

Contact: Email Bernardo Feliciano (Master Gardener), or Susan Preece, Director of the Library, or call 725.1727

Location: 25 Foreside Road, Topsham

MGV(s) On-site: Eleanor D.

The library is looking for Master Gardener Volunteers to assist in the continuing development of its public gardens by taking on discrete projects and assisting in the maintenance of others. Several Master Gardener volunteers have already contributed efforts to the project and two MGVs maintain a continuing relationship with the project. The overall goal of this project is provide a social, civic, and practical setting and focus for gardening and its benefits in the town of Topsham.

Volunteers needed for

  • Design and/or build of raised or vertical beds appropriate for Universal Access Garden, for gardeners of all abilities, including those with physical limitations
  • Design and /or build of garden shade structures appropriate for Children’s Garden
  • Modification or design/build of composting system
  • Creation of interpretive signage for Children’s, Butterfly, and Universal Access Garden and composting area
  • Assistance in continuing maintenance of Rainbow and Butterfly Gardens
  • Assistance in recruiting and managing garden volunteers.

If you are interested in this project contact Bernardo Feliciano (Master Gardener), or Susan Preece, Director of the Library, or call 725.1727.


Green Care for Troops

Green Industry professionals and volunteers across the country are teaming up with “Green Care for Troops.” Lawn and landscape maintenance becomes a definite hardship when a family’s major breadwinner is on active duty away from home. Green Care for Troops is a nationwide outreach program that connects local landscape professionals and volunteers with men and women serving our country in the armed forces away from home. To date, Green Care for Troops has helped more than 2,400 volunteers provide free lawn and landscape services to thousands of military families nationwide.

Master Gardeners interested in volunteering should visit the Green Care for Troops website for more information.


Gleaning teams for Good Shepherd Food Bank

Contact: Email Nancy Perry, Project Director, Mainers Feeding Mainers, Good Shepherd Food Bank, 3121 Hotel Road|PO Box 1807, Auburn, ME 04211-1807, 207.782.3554 ext. 1109  •  207.212.1889 (cell)

Barb Murphy, educator in Oxford County, is working with Good Shepherd Food Bank to increase the quantity of Maine grown produce distributed through their facility. One approach they are taking is to contract with growers to have them grow certain vegetables specifically for the food bank. They have money from a grant to fund this for 3 years and there are other funders who may be interested if the program proves successful. The other approach is to improve gleaning opportunities during the harvest season. Currently when a farm has excess, they phone GSFB and they send a crew and vehicle if available to the site for harvest. Sometimes the crew isn’t available within the needed timeframe and the crops are plowed under. To help with this aspect of the program Barb told GSFB she would see what the MG program could provide in terms of gleaning help. She asks if each county would be willing to provide a gleaning team (4-5 people) of MGVs that GSFB can contact when a significant gleaning opportunity comes up and they can’t get their own team to the site in time. Please contact our office at 353.5550 if you are interested in this opportunity.

For more information on gleaning check out this UMaine Cooperative Extension fact sheet.


Mt. Ararat High School (project GROW)

Contact: Paul Guerette or call 729.2951 x228

Location: Mt. Ararat High School, 73 Eagles Way, Topsham

The primary educational beneficiaries for this project are high school students, ages 14-18. They will be in charge of the garden creation, management, and related studies. There is a health class interested in incorporating the garden work into their curriculum and other students will learn how to produce food for our own school food service. The HS hopes to include educational programming for younger children and for the special education population during the summer months.

A plot, approximately 35′ X 75′ was prepared, in mostly sandy soil. Composted cow/horse manure have been added each year to build/improve the soil. A cover crop of winter rye has been sown each fall. The soil is better but still quite sandy. A soil test will be done this spring.

The challenge is to get people to commit to care for the garden over the summer. The first year worked out well. Although it was mostly school staff involvement, there were a few students who participated. In the future, I’d like to get more students to use the garden as part of their Senior Capstone Project. It would be great to have Master gardeners available as mentors.

Until they are able to purchase/acquire their own, they will be borrowing tools from the teachers, students, and volunteers. Initial tools needed include shovels, garden rakes, pitch fork, hoe. A rototiller can probably be borrowed if necessary.


L.O.C.A.L Garden

Contact: Email Laurie Burhoe, Director

Location: Bath

MGV(s) On-site: Laurie B.

The L.O.C.A.L. Garden is RSU #1’s district garden where students, teachers, and community members grow organic fruits and vegetables for use in school.


The Children’s Native Maine Garden

Contact: Email Diana Carson or call 784.4028

Location: Walton Elementary School, 92 Mary Carroll St, Auburn

Students, teachers and community members will come together to plant trees, shrubs and native flowers to preserve the integrity of the natural Maine landscape in an area adjacent to the school playground. The students – 267 in grades K-6 – will use the garden as an outdoor classroom and be able to experience hands-on, problem-based science, math and literacy experiences on site.

There is already one MGV on-site. The school has start-up funds for plant stock and access to some transplants. They have a shed with tools. The Auburn School Department is very supportive and the project has wide support.


Bull Rock Landing Community Project

Contact: Cynthia O’Neill or call 443-1590

Location: 219 Fosters Point Rd, West Bath

MGV(s) On-site: Cynthia O.

This project has one MGV already on-site. The main tasks are general maintenance – weeding, watering, and feeding – front entrance flowerbeds. There is a hose, but tools should be brought with you. This project is physically labor intensive and any volunteers for the project should be educated to the fact vs. signing up unaware of the challenges. The area is wet, and most likely has some poison oak growing within the area to be worked. This is an ongoing project.


Harpswell Community Garden

Contact: Email Julia McLeod or call 837.9613

Location: Mitchell Field, Harpswell

The Harpswell Community Garden is located at Mitchell Field, which is off Harpswell Neck Road (Rt. 123). We have rental plots, a Harpswell heritage orchard, and a Common Garden, where we grow food to donate to local people in need. Since we’re fairly new, we have a lot of volunteer needs. Here’s how you could get involved:

Join a Volunteer Work Party

For all work parties, you are welcome to come for just part of the time or for the whole day. To hear about future work parties, send an email to Julia McLeod to join our email list.

Help in the garden on your own time

As we enter the growing season, we will have projects such as weeding, watering, and mowing that you can do on your own time.

Join the Harpswell Community Garden committee

Take on a special project

Opportunities are endless. Your contribution could be in the form of signs, a children’s garden, photographs, articles, recipes, perennial plantings, etc.

For more information about volunteering, contact Julia McLeod or call 837.9613.


Granite Mill Estates

Contact: Nancy Whitehouse or call 777.5665 or 751.4503

Location: One Tourmaline Lane, Auburn

MGV(s) On-site: Nancy W.

The Granite Mill Estates condominium complex consists of 73 units. Residents are 75% retirees and 60% of those are 75+ years old. The community garden, begun in 2010, is a series of raised beds with vegetables and strawberries. One MGV is on-site with plenty of tools, but other MGVs are encouraged to bring their own.


East Auburn Learning Park – Classroom Gardens

Contact: Sue Dorris, Principal, or call 207.782.4142

Location: East Auburn Community School, 15 Andrew Drive, Auburn

East Auburn Community School is a Pre-K through Grade 6 elementary school. They are requesting assistance to build/plant classroom gardens. The classroom gardens are part of East Auburn Learning Park, a combination of neighborhood park, school playground, and outdoor classroom.

They need assistance with planning, obtaining materials, constructing the gardens, and planting the gardens. Plans are to build eight to nine raised bed gardens, with measurements of 4’ x 12” feet. We will be purchasing some tools. It would also be helpful for the Master Gardener to bring his/her own tools.



The Morris Farm Master Gardeners at 156 Gardiner Road, Wiscasset, Maine have a huge garden. You can stop by any time and see what they’re doing. For more information visit their website or call 207.882.4080.

Check the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Calendar of Events for timely updates on events around the state.



Community Gardens are on the rise. Maine’s Master Gardener Volunteers have been asked to help. Here are some good resources.


Burlington Gardens

Burlington Gardens (Tool kits include contracts and great organizational tips.)


Lots to Gardens – Lewiston

Contact: Email or call 207.513.3844

Mail: PO Box 7291, Lewiston ME 04243


Maine Apprentice Gardener Curriculum

Maine Apprentice Gardener Curriculum


Kids Can Grow!


Maine School Garden Network


Evergreen (Canada)


The Garden Project – Troy Howard Middle School

Location: Belfast


Garden Based Learning – Cornell


Publications, Videos & Other Resources


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