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Design Lab

The AMC Design Lab is home to open work areas, “brainstorming” white boards, and a cluster of workstations featuring some of the most up to date hardware and engineering software systems on the market.  The lab is most often utilized by Engineering Interns working on design and manufacturing projects, but is available for parties interested in using the resource. The lab provides an ideal environment for both individual and collaborative work on projects. Within this lab we have a multitude of tools at our expense including 6 state of the art computer terminals, Computer Aided Design packages (including Solidworks), and Computer Aided Machining packages.

Testing Lab

The Advanced Manufacturing Center houses the University of Maine Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Hybrid Structures Laboratory and other facilities. The Hybrid Structures Lab is fully integrated within the AMC organization and provides materials testing capabilities ranging from small, intricate composite parts to large scale welded / fabricated components or other objects.  The AMC also houses state of the art Environmental Chamber and Salt Spray Chamber systems.

MTS 458 Universal Reaction Frame System
Axial Actuators +/- 22,000 lb Capacity and a 6 in. Stroke
+/- 55,000 lb Capacity and a 6 in. Stroke
+/- 55,000 lb Capacity and a 20 in. Stroke
+/- 165,000 lb Capacity and a 6 in. Stroke
+/- 300,000 lb Capacity and a 20 in. Stroke
Work Envelope LWH = 11′X13′X20′
Hydraulic Capacity 3,000PSI
Data Acquisition 16 bit, 5kHz
Waveform Generation Analog


MTS 810 Material Testing System
Axial Actuator +/- 110,000 lb Capacity and a 6 in. Stroke
Work Envelope LWH = 30” X 30” X 83”
Hydraulic Capacity 2,000 PSI
Frame Capacity 110,000 lb
Data Acquisition 16 Bit, 5 kHz
Waveform Generation 32 bit digital


Vibration Testing Systems
LDS V875LS Shaker Table 8,000lb Capacity, 1 to 3,000 Hz in 3 axes, 76.2 mm stroke
MB Electronics Exciter Table 250lb Capacity
MB Electronics Exciter Table 25lb Capacity
Modal Test Equipment Spectral Dynamics Jaguar 100 channel
SigLab 2 Channel with MATLAB Integration
DSpace digital signal processor


CSZ Tundra Walk-In Climate Chamber
Chamber Size (L x W x H) 84-1/2″ x 130″ x 96″
Door Opening (W x H) 35-1/2″ x 77-1/2″
Temperature Range C (F) -45 to +93 (-50 to +200)
Humidity Range 10% to 95 % RH
Data Acquisition Configurable, Custom
Construction Stainless Steel


Singleton SCCH Salt Fog Chamber 26SL
Chamber Size (L x W x H) 120″ x 48″ x 36″
Temperature Range C (F) Ambient to +50 (Ambient to +120)
Humidity Range Ambient to 100% RH
Air Exchange Rate 90 to 100 SCFH
Construction Steel

Manufacturing Lab













The Advanced Machining Lab was graciously endowed in 2005 by members of the Rochester, NY Alumni Chapter of the University of Maine. The laboratory is designed to provide leading edge machining technology for hands-on training for engineering and engineering technology students.

The Advanced Machining Lab is a first-class facility equipped with the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies. Maine’s engineering, manufacturing, and industrial community benefit by having access to state-of-the-art services and equipment within the state for product and process development.

Turning Equipment
Machine X-Over Ways X-Over Carriage Z Travel Spindle RPM
Victor Conversational 1860DCL 13″ 7″ 40″ 2,000
MSC Manual Lathes (2X) 18″ 9″ 60″ 2,500
Okuma ES-L8 CNC Lathe 17″ 11″ 19″ 3,000
Harding Super Precision Manual Lathe 11″ 6″ 18″ 3,000


Milling Equipment
Machine X Y Z Spindle RPM
Fryer MC40 CNC Mill with 4th Axis 40″ 25″ 25″ 10,000
Matsuura 1500 CNC Mill 60″ 24″ 23″ 3,000
Bridgeport EZ Trak Conversational CNC Mill 30″ 12″ 17″ 4,000
MSC Manual Mills (2X) 24″ 11″ 16″ 4,800
Sharp Manual Mill 31″ 15″ 20″ 4,500
Sharp SV 2412 CNC Mill 24″ 12″ 18″ 8,000


EDM Equipment
Machine X Y Z Angle
AGIE Mondo Star 50 EDM 33.8″ 25.9″ 12.4″ Full Rotation
Sodick AP-500 Wire EDM 20″ 14″ 10.6″ W, V +/- 15°


Grinding Equipment
Machine X Y Z
Okamoto 6-18DX Wet Grinder 18″ 6″ 9″
K.O. LEE CO. B923A Dry Grinder 15″ 4.5″ 7″


Fabrication Equipment
Machine X Y Z
Grob Vertical Band Saw 18″ 13″
Grob Vertical Band Saw 24″ 13″
Hyd-Mech Horozontal Band Saw S-20 18″ 15″
Lincoln Mig Welder Invertec V-350PRO
Lincoln Tig Welder Precision TIG275
Thermal Dynamcis Cutmaster 75 Plasma Torch 3/4
AMC CNC Plasma Table 48″ 96″ 1″


Specialty Equipment
Machine X Y Z Notes
FARO CMM Arm 40″ 40″ 40″
Epilog 4 Axis Helix Laser 24″ 18″ 9″ Cuts wood and various plastics.
Objet30 3D Printer 11.57″ 7.58″ 5.85″ 0.1mm resolution
ZScanner 800 Handheld 3D Scanner 12″ 0.050mm resolutionUses Rapidform XOS to create 3D models from scans.

Frank E. ’53 and Clara E. Pickering Industrial Training Facility

The Frank E. ’53 and Clara E. Pickering Industrial Training Facility seats for 20+ people, making it an ideal space for small and medium sized groups to meet, train, and conduct business. The room is equipped with a stereo sound system, video projector, computer, and Skype teleconferencing system.

This space can be configured for meetings, lectures, training, luncheons, and as a central area for groups meeting with multiple University departments and local business. The facility can be scheduled for use by any group in 1 hour increments. Contact the AMC to check availability or register for use.