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Design and Training Facilities

Frank E. ’53 and Clara E. Pickering Industrial Training Facility

The Frank E. ’53 and Clara E. Pickering Industrial Training Facility seats for 20+ people, making it an ideal space for small and medium sized groups to meet, train, and conduct business. The room is equipped with a stereo sound system, video projector, computer, and Skype teleconferencing system.

This space can be configured for meetings, lectures, training, luncheons, and as a central area for groups meeting with multiple University departments and local business. The facility can be scheduled for use by any group in 1 hour increments. Contact the AMC to check availability or register for use.


Design Lab

The AMC Design Lab is home to open work areas, “brainstorming” white boards, and a cluster of workstations featuring some of the most up to date hardware and engineering software systems on the market.  The lab is most often utilized by Engineering Interns working on design and manufacturing projects, but is available for parties interested in using the resource.

The lab provides an ideal environment for both individual and collaborative work on projects. Within this lab we have a multitude of tools at our expense including 6 state of the art computer terminals, Computer Aided Design packages, and Computer Aided Machining packages.