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Inventors and Entrepeneurs

Do you have a great idea but lack the resources or knowledge to develop it?

The AMC can make your idea a reality. We are the ideal facility for inventors and entrepreneurs. Using our resources we can help you move your idea from a napkin-sketch to manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for technical support, specialized knowledge, or product development, we can help.

Past Clients Include: O’Brien Medical, Fin Technology LLC, Flexware Technologies, Eklipse LLC, Kuzwe LLC, Lindas Chocolate, Pelltco LLC, Karkos Group


Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Is your business struggling to output new products and services? Is it because you need knowledge, tools, and/or expertise? Whatever your need, the AMC is your solution. It is our mission to help businesses create new products and services, and we can accelerate your development process, putting your new products on the market faster. Successful new products and innovation are critical to business success.

Past Clients Include: Falcon Performance Footwear, Suretech Lock, Orono Spectral Solutions, Gemini Marine Canvas, Penobscott McCrumm, Old Town Canoe, Snowman Printing, Wilburs Chocolates,  Environetix, Pionite Decorative Surfaces, Wallace Brothers


Academic Researchers and Laboratories

Academic researchers and research facilities have very unique needs. Often federally funded, there are very specific requirements these clients must adhere to while conducting research. The Advanced Manufacturing Center works with academic researchers and labs everyday and we understand the special constraints these clients are bound by.

When research is held back by tools and equipment that does not exist, however simple or complex, the Advanced Manufacturing Center is here to help. From simple hand-tools to automated sample processing equipment, we can build a solution that is right for you.

Past Clients Include: Climate Change Institute, Advanced Structures and Composites Center, Foster Center for Student Innovation, Laboratory for Surface Sensor Technology, Knowledge Transfer Alliance, University of Maine Department of Engineering
For more information on how the AMC can help you see our Capabilities, Services, or call us at 207-581-2713.