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The AMC Advantage

There are many reasons to partner with the Advanced Manufacturing Center to build solutions that are right for you, but there are distinctive key advantages that distinguish the AMC from other facilities and peers in its’ field. Our purpose is to provide the manufacturing tools and resources that drive economic development. These are the methods by which we meet this purpose:

  • The AMC has a full time, dedicated, engineering and support staff. The AMC team works year round without the distractions of teaching or lecturing for the College. The staff is focused and works to serve AMC clients with a level of attention found at no other Center.
  • The AMC has access to an extensive pool of experts in a variety of fields through our cooperation with the University of Maine faculty, scientists, and research centers. You can be confident that through collaborative efforts within our community we will identify an expert who will help you realize your goals.
  • The AMC does not pursue its own research programs, so it can serve clients as a primary objective, rather than as an auxiliary function. When you partner with the AMC you can have confidence that your goals are as important to us as they are to you.