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Alpha Delta National Fraternity

Fraternity Information - Service History

The Sigma Xi Chapter of Alpha Delta National Fraternity and formerly Alpha Phi Omega is dedication to service not as an obligation, but a higher calling. Our dedication is a pillar of our deep roots at the University of Maine, and is a time honored tradition. 


Bananas The Bear

The first University of Maine mascot was not a black bear… from 1903-1914 the mascot was an elephant – “borrowed” from a Bangor clothing store and brought to campus. In 1914 an Old Town animal collector loaned the MAINE football team a black bear cub found in the Maine woods, in hopes that he would bring the team good luck. Legend has it the cub’s antics made the crowd “go bananas” – and the name Bananas has stuck to this very day. Several live bears have filled the role of Bananas – including the last live bear, “Cindy Bananas” in 1966.

The University of Maine went without a Mascot until Spring of 1969.  Robert Smullin, a Sigma Xi Brother, proposed that a Brother should dress up as a bear for games.  He became the first human bear and the responsibilities of designing and obtaining the suit were up to him.

The first suit was made by Drapeaus costumes in Lewiston.  After the game, the Brothers realized that it would be worth the investment to make the bear suit into a one piece suit.

The following year before homecoming Smullin and one of the Gamma Sigma Sigma Sisters sewed the bear suit.

In 1981 Pat Dunn did a cartwheel, the head fell off, people talk about it on campus as if they were there when it happened even though it was over 20 years ago.  In 1982 the UNH band kidnapped him in the suit.  The Maine Band retaliated… tug of war ensued, the Maine Band won, but Pat ended up with a pulled groin muscle.

In 1983 the Brotherhood commissioned a suit from Stagecraft Inc.  The available colors were black, blue and gray.  Knowing how badly black and gray photographed the decision was made.  At the first home hockey game the new “blue” bear skated onto the ice.  Maine fan’s were less than enthusiastic, and therefore when the suit began to wear a few years later a new design was put into use and is still used today.  The current Bananas is the 5th generation of suit.  Originally the full suit cost $1200.00   Since then we have replaced parts one at a time to keep costs down as it is estimated that a full suit would now cost us $4000.00.

The Late Night Local

The Late Night Local, or as it is commonly known as, the Drunk Bus, is a joint project of Alpha Delta and Gamma Sigma Sigma. On Friday and Saturday nights, from 9pm to 2:00am (or later), we drive the bus around campus and the immediate communities surrounding UMaine to insure that students have a safe means of transportation to and from the activities and parties that occur on the weekends. The Late Night Local is a service that is provided to students at the University of Maine as well as visitors free of charge. The main purpose of this project is to help prevent drunk driving.

The Late Night Local began as a service provided by Substance Abuse Services, which paid people to drive the buses around campus, the project was cancelled in 1986 due to budgetary constraints. In 1988 the project was revisited by Brothers Kyle Stockwell and Rick Vielleux who worked with Brother, Dr. Robert Q. Dana, now Dean of Students, who at the time was working in Substance Abuse Services. Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega agreed to volunteer as the drivers and in the Fall of 1988, the Late Night Local was restarted, saving lives and keeping people warm in and around campus.  In the Fall 1989, Gamma Sigma Sigma was asked to join in the project in order to make women feel more comfortable about riding the Local. The project continued this way for the past 22 years.

This program is possible due to a partnership between Alpha Delta, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Substance Abuse Services, Motor Pool and with the continued Support of the Dean of Students Office and Dr. Robert Dana.

Parent’s Night Out (PNO)

On one night late in each semester (usually the Friday before finals), the brothers of Alpha Delta and the sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma get together and provide a service to the University community. For the past few years the event has been held in the Rec Center. We look after the children of any faculty, staff member, or community member for a few hours.

Professor’s Night Out was started in 1991 after brothers came home with the idea from the 1990 Alpha Phi Omega National Convention. Jeff Knights, who was serving as the Service Vice President at the time, helped get it off the ground.

Fog Horn

Fog Horn is a project that was given to the Brothers of APO by Shawn Walsh as a thank you for doing Bananas at the hockey games. During each home hockey game of the season 2 brothers man the crows nest that sits over the ice in the Alfond. When Maine scores a goal we blow 3 blasts to celebrate.

Food Run

The Food Run program is conducted in a partnership between Alpha Delta, Gamma Sigma Sigma and Umaine Dining Services.   Friday afternoon brothers and sisters go to York Commons and the Union to pick up the leftover food from the week. The food is then taken in the motor pool van to the Bangor Homeless Shelter. Without this program the food that is not used would be disposed of.


Adopt-a-high way is a project where the brothers of Alpha Delta meet once a semester and travel from campus (103 Ultra Lounge) down to the Mill in Old Town on Route 2a. From here we walk the nearly 2 mile stretch of road and pick up trash that has collected on the side of the road and in the ditches. It is just one of the simple projects that the brothers do to give back to the community.


Humans vs. Zombies was started as a pledge project, but we now do it every semester. We require an entrance fee for each player to enroll, and we donate it to a charity of our choice each semester. Last semester we donated over $350 dollars to Good Shepard’s Food Bank in Bangor.

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