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Black Bears Go Pro!

The Black Bear football program has produced many professional players and coaches.  The Harold Alfond Foundation and UMaine encourage alumni with backgrounds in professional sports to reconnect with their alma mater!  Make a gift to help current scholar athletes and come back to campus to talk to our team.   Mentors make a difference!

Year Player Position Draft pick Team
2014 Kendall James DE 6th Rd. Minnesota Vikings
Justin Perillo TE RFA Green Bay Packers
Derrick Johnson WR RFA New England Patriots
2013 Donte Dennis LB RFA St. Louis Rams
Darlos James RB RFA Detroit Lions
2012 Jerron McMillian DB 4th Rd. Green Bay Packers
Trevor Coston DB RFA Chicago Bears
Derek Session WR RFA Buffalo Bills
Pushaun Brown RB RFA New York Jets
Derek Buttles TE RFA Buffalo Bills
2011 Mark Masterson LB RFA Miami Dolphins
Jeremy Kelley WR RFA Indianapolis Colts
2010 Tyler Eastman OL RFA Kansas City Chiefs
Landis Williams WR RFA Denver Broncos
2009 Andrew Downey LB RFA Detroit Lions
2008 Matthew Mulligan TE RFA Miami Dolphins
Anthony Cotrone FB RFA Jacksonville Jaguars
2007 Daren Stone DB 6th Rd. Atlanta Falcons
Matt King DL RFA New York Jets
Mike DeVito DL RFA New York Jets
2006 Kevin McMahan WR 7th Rd. Oakland Raiders
Montell Owens RB RFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Jermaine Walker LB RFA Washington Redskins
Ryan Waller WR RFA Kansas City Chiefs
2005 Marcus Williams RB RFA Indianapolis Colts
Brandon McGowan DB RFA Chicago Bears
2003 Stephen Cooper LB RFA San Diego Chargers
2002 Chad Hayes TE RFA Kansas City Chiefs
Lennard Byrd DB/RS RFA New York Giants
2001 Dwayne Wilmot WR RFA Indianapolis Colts
Phil McGeoghan WR RFA New York Jets
2000 Brent Naccara LB RFA New York Jets
1999 Mickey Fein QB RFA Detroit Lions
Drew O’Connor WR RFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1997 Dave Rilatt OL RFA Chicago Bears
Mike Flynn OL RFA Baltimore Ravens
1992 Carl Smith RB RFA Philadelphia Eagles
Dan Jones OL RFA Cincinnati Bengals
1990 Mike Buck QB 6th Rd. New Orleans Saints
Scott Hough OL 7th Rd. New Orleans Saints
Justin Strzelczyk OL 12th Rd. Pittsburgh Steelers
1988 Rob Sterling DB 6th Rd. Philadelphia Eagles
1983 Lorenzo Bouier RB 12th Rd. Dallas Cowboys
1980 Roger Lapham RB 12th Rd. Buffalo Bills
1979 Chris Keating LB RFA Buffalo Bills
1970 Gene Benner WR 11th Rd. Cleveland Browns
1967 John Huard LB 5th Rd. Denver Broncos
1962 Dave Cloutier HB 18th Rd. Dallas Cowboys
Manch Wheeler QB RFA Buffalo Bills
1959 Roger Ellis C 14th Rd. New York Giants
1956 Thurlow Cooper DE 16th Rd. Cleveland Browns