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Jemison Interviewed for Press Herald Article on Monsanto, Maine

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

John Jemison, a soil and water quality specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, spoke with the Portland Press Herald for the article, “Monsanto and Maine: A look at Maine’s sometimes fractious relationship with the GMO giant.” Jemison, who also serves on the steering committee of the coalition Maine Food Strategy, spoke about people’s fear of genetically engineered crops. He recalled an incident in 1999 when he was researching corn that was genetically engineered, and rows of corn he had planted were chopped down during the night. Jemison said he knows a lot of opponents of genetic engineering believe researchers are paid by companies such as Monsanto, and that he was probably seen as the enemy. “From that perspective, I agree with what they did,” he said. “They were trying to make a statement and they made it. I still disagree with the methods.”