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Click below for specific suggestions regarding tools, equipment, and practices to decrease the negative impact of farming on your health.  We add to this page regularly.

Choosing a Medical Rehabilitation Provider:  Choosing your rehabilitation therapist is an important decision. Here is a checklist of questions to be sure he or she is the right choice.

Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Farm Workers: This helpful publication from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is full of practical tips and creative solutions to common aches and pains resulting from farmwork.  Check out the special cart for harvesting greens and the ergonomically designed blueberry rakes!

Guide to Selecting Non Powered Hand Tools: Well illustrated guide that clearly explains why little changes in tools really do make a significant difference.

Healthy Farmers, Healthy Profits has tip sheets on variety of solutions specific to nursery growers and dairy, berry, and vegetable producers.  The tip sheets offer simple, inexpensive solutions to a variety of common health problems in these industries.  (For example, a specialized harvest cart for greens and bottle holders for calves.)  Most tip sheets also include a cost-benefit analysis of the suggested change.

What to Look for When Selecting or Modifying Hand Tools: Includes an extensive list of recommended tools and where to find them.

Helping Farmers Cope with Stress: Farming is a stressful occupation, even when things are going well.  Check out this list of resources about stress (geared towards farmers) compiled by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

Carry on Gardening: Based in the United Kingdom, this site has comprehensive and specific information on gardening with vision loss, weak grip, bending problems, one hand, and emotional challenges, as well as resources for gardeners who have experienced a stroke and heart disease.  Information applicable to production growers and home gardeners.

Gardens for Every Body: Created by the University of Missouri, this website is full of information on how to make gardening accessible to people with all types of disabilities.  Much of this information is applicable to production growers as well as home gardeners.

Handicap Help: A website where physically challenged individuals can access information on ideas and easily made tools to reduce daily frustrations, ask questions, and share their own creative solutions.

Information in this web site is provided purely for educational purposes. No responsibility is assumed for any problems associated with the use of products or services mentioned in this web site. No endorsement of products or companies is intended, nor is criticism of unnamed products or companies implied.

prosthetic arm adapted to use with tools

Photo from Texas Assistive Devices

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