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Diabetes Awareness Month & World Diabetes Day November 14

Diabetes Awareness Month & World Diabetes Day November 14

Diabetes can affect anyone.

A farmer with diabetes should consider their health needs before starting their daily chores. It’s important to pace work throughout the day considering physical endurance as well as food breaks and maintaining communication with someone else nearby.

Physical endurance:

  • Work simplification to avoid getting over tired
  • Having tools and equipment close to where they are used
  • Planning the day, allowing the best use of time and energy

Sense of touch and circulation in extremities:

  • Compensate for the loss of sensation by using other senses
  • Avoid exposure to temperature extremes; wear gloves and boots that fit properly to protect the skin and prevent injury
  • Thoroughly dry hands if exposed to water, use lotion to prevent chapping
  • Inspect skin for cuts or blisters daily; and seek medical attention if needed
  • Increase flexibility and circulation with stretches and exercises throughout the day

Because blood-sugar levels change in relation to activity level and diet, be sure to always have an established source of communication to summon help if needed ie: intercom system, radio or cell phone. Also make sure someone knows where you are and when you should be done.   Additional ideas can be found on the Ohio AgrAbility Fact Sheet: Farming with Diabetes, AEX-982.6-11.


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