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Policy Activities

Faculty can better reach their professional goals and feel satisfied working at the University of Maine if they achieve a healthy work-life balance.

To support this healthy balance UMaine has adopted policies enabling faculty members to stop their tenure clock when their families have grown or when they or a family member become ill. Another policy lets faculty members with new children teach less, for a time, in favor of other work responsibilities. And now, additional funding from NSF has facilitated creation of Maine Career Connect, an employer consortium dedicated to helping newly relocated professionals and their families assimilate into the community.

Watch this brief video to learn more about Maine Career Connect.Maine Career Connect logo

ADVANCE Rising Tide initiatives seek to:

  • Clarify – Ensure that the language is consistent and clear to enhance understanding of the policies and guidelines among stakeholder groups.
  • Implement – Support implementation of new, enhanced, or existing policies.
  • Publicize – Alert faculty to the existence of policies that support work-life balance and achievement of professional goals.
  • Monitor – Evaluate the impact of family friendly policies on faculty satisfaction and retention to ensure effectiveness.

In collaboration with the Office of Human Resources, the ADVANCE team has clarified Family Friendly Policies, and distributed an informational brochure describing policies such as Stop the Tenure Clock and Alternatives to Teaching, and updated webpages to ensure easy access to clear and consistent information.  ADVANCE is also working to identify and implement best practices to ensure faculty evaluations are fair and appropriate. Specific policy focus areas include:

Image of postcard highlighting two of UMaine's family friendly policies.

A recent mailing highlighting two of UMaine’s family friendly policies.

Contact our Rising Tide Policy Advocate, Amy Fried, for information about current or planned policy initiatives and activities.

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