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Blue Sky Administration and Finance Initiatives

In year three of the Blue Sky Project, the focus is on integrating the plan’s strategies and goals into the organizational structure of the university. Just as the Blue Sky Strategic Plan was developed through an inclusive process, integration will emerge through collaboration.

Completed Blue Sky Administration and Finance Initiatives:

  • Strategic analysis of financial aid (Pathway 2)
  • Analyze and identify Total Cost of Ownership annually and determine a Capital Investment Strategy (Pathway 5)
  • Implement the President’s Paint, Plant and Polish initiative (Pathway 5)
  • Develop an infrastructure upgrade plan for energy and utility infrastructure (Pathway 5)
  • Implement IT Strategic Plan strategies, support participation in Gig.U., and leverage the university’s expertise to benefit 24/7 on-line learning (Pathway 5)
  • Implement sustainability initiatives to meet the established goals of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment (Pathway 5)

In Progress Blue Sky Administration and Finance Initiatives:

  • Through financial modeling, achieve financial health and sustainability (Pathway 2)
  • Reinvest Indirect Cost Return (ICR) dollars into identified faculty needs to enhance research productivity (Pathway 2) (Shared with Research)
  • Identify an initial set of innovative and cost-effective means for delivering administrative and academic services (Pathway 2)
  • Review specific revenue options, with the intent of identifying potential growth areas for sales and services (Pathway 2)
  • Establish short-term and long-term benchmarks to increase net capital asset value (Pathway 5)
  • Explore and identify new capital construction delivery methods and monitor and track projects to ensure on-time and on-budget progress (Pathway 5)
  • Promote the Historic District Renovation (Pathway 5) (Shared with Academic Affairs)
  • Continue to develop comprehensive capital master plans for off-site campus facilities (Pathway 5) (Shared with Academic Affairs)
  • Develop a 20-year residential housing plan to revitalize options for UMaine undergraduate and graduate students (Pathway 5) (Shared with Student Life)
  • A new facilities work order and automated system will be identified and implemented by 2017 (Pathway 5)
  • Build incrementally into the budget replacement and refresher plans for equipment, classrooms, labs and technology, and review progress on an annual basis (Pathway 5)

Emerging Blue Sky Administration and Finance Initiatives:

  • Plan and implement the new UMaine Athletics Engagement Initiative to better engage Black Bear Athletics with the UMaine campus and other constituencies (Pathway 3) (Shared with Development)

More detail about Administration and Finance accomplishments can be read in the Annual Report, Blue Sky Impacts. Specific documents related to Blue Sky Initiatives can be read in the Blue Sky Archive.

Blue Sky Administration and Finance Initiatives
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