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Student Nominations - UMaine Academ-e Procedures

UMaine Academ-e Procedures and Deadlines 2013-2014

Step 1

Fully and correctly completed nomination and consent forms submitted to UMaine beginning in April for the fall semester and October for the spring semester.
Nomination forms may be downloaded here below.

Consent forms that are downloaded here must be mailed to Academ-e since authentic signatures must be on file.
A student will not be enrolled into a class until both the nomination and consent forms have been fully and correctly completed (with all signatures) and received by the Academ-e.

Step 2

UMaine date stamps and checks forms for accuracy.

Step 3

Accurate forms are processed in order of date received. Courses are on a first-come,
first-serve basis until they are filled to their enrollment limits. Inaccurate paperwork causes processing delays.

Step 4

Guidance counselors are notified of the student’s acceptance and enrollment in the course(s).

Step 5

Umaine initiates the Academ-e scholarship that covers 50% of the tuition for 3 credit courses only.

Step 6

UMaine bills student for balance of tuition for 4 credit courses.
Other payments through high schools or third parties must be specified at time of enrollment.

Note: All UMaine academic and financial policies and procedures apply to Academ-e students including:

  • Add/drop and withdrawal deadlines and penalties.
  • FirstClass account rules and regulations.

Contact: Cindy Thomas (581-3072)

Nomination Forms Consent Forms
Student Consent to Release Information Form (PDF) Public Consent Forms (PDF)
Public School Nomination Form (PDF) GED Consent Form (PDF)
GED Nomination Form (PDF)


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