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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Faculty selected for the Academ-e are experienced UMaine faculty, ensuring a high level of instructional quality and commitment. Numerous support personnel, including graduate assistants and staff associates, are available to assist students during the semester as needed.

Early College

Early college is rapidly emerging as a key strategy for boosting student achievement and aspirations in Maine. The Maine Compact for Higher Education has identified early college as one of its five critical strategies for increasing, over the next ten years, the number of Mainers holding a college degree. With extraordinary attention by all levels of government on “No Child Left Behind,” “Maine’s Learning Results,” and Maine’s “Great Maine Schools Project” of the Mitchell Institute, there is heightened interest in Maine to enhance the quality of its schools through increased expectations and rigor, increasing aspirations among its students, and encouraging early college programs throughout the state.

Academ-e augments current early college programs throughout the state by distance delivery and supports Maine’s effort to develop a sustainable, statewide structure for supporting early college programs.