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Beef - The New England 4-H Beef Poster, Ad or Logo Contest

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Any 4-Her enrolled in the beef project, ages 7 and up, is invited to participate in the New England 4-H Beef Poster, Ad or Logo Contest!

This is a great way for youth interested in the beef project who won’t be attending The Big E to participate, they can send their entries with a team member or chaperone. Be sure to include the registration form with your submission.

Information and Instructions

1. PURPOSE: To promote information and/or interest in the beef project. To involve members too young to come to The Big E with their animals.

2. SUBJECT: May display any aspect of the beef project. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

3. ELIGIBILITY: Anyone enrolled in a 4-H beef project. May be an individual or club effort. 4-H Members need not have animals in the New England 4-H Show. Remember – - younger 4-H members are also eligible.  NOVICE: 7 – 11, JUNIOR 12 – 13; INTERMEDIATE 14 – 15, SENIORS:16 – 19 years of age.

4. REGISTRATION: Posters, ads and logos must be brought to Mallary Arena on the first day of the 4- H Beef program before noon. This information MUST be on the back of the poster, logo or ad in the upper left hand corner: member’s name, age, full address, club name and title for the poster.

5. a. POSTER REQUIREMENTS: Must be on standard poster board 14″ x 22″. May be horizontal or vertical NOT 3-dimensional. May NOT incorporate copyrighted material re: “Peanuts”, “Garfield”, etc. Use materials of your choice such as: crayons, markers, paints, photographs, chalk, paste, construction paper, string, etc. Keep your message brief and direct. Remember: a person should be able to read it at a glance.

5b. Logo Contest: Requirements: Develop a logo on 8 1/2” by 11” paper which promotes your cattle or farm.

5c. Ad Layout Contest: Requirements: Develop a full-size ad promoting your cattle using one to five photos. Finished ad should be 8 1/2” x 11” with 1/2” margins. Logo may be duplicated and incorporated. Ad does not have to be camera-ready, but should be drawn to proportion as nearly as possible. Include address and phone number.

6. JUDGING: Will be done at the discretion of the Beef Poster Committee Chairman. Posters will be on display throughout the entire 4-H Beef Program. Posters will be taken down after the auction by the committee. If you want to keep your poster, it is your responsibility to have it picked up after 6pm.

7. AWARDS: Will be made on Monday afternoon at the awards assembly. Your award will be mailed to you if you are not at the assembly. Ribbons will be awarded using the Danish system for all posters. Blue 100-90  Red 89-80  White 79-70

8. The top three (3) scores in the Novice, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Division will receive the following cash awards:  1st: $15   2nd: $10   3rd: $5


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