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4H @ UMaine: Connecting Kids to Campus - 4-H @ UMaine Workshops

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A1. A2. A3. – The World is Your Oyster…and your Mussel…and…

This interactive session will have you looking to see if we can get an urchin to spawn, looking at the anatomy of an oyster, messing with our touch tank and handling the creatures we find off the coast of Maine, and looking at how you can design and build an aquaponics system. This will allow you to meet some of the animals that are used in aquaculture in Maine.

B1. B2. B3. – CSI: Orono

What do geologists do all day? We will take a crash-course on how to answer questions using the tools of a geologist, in a time crunch. A crime has been committed, and the police have only one clue: some sand. As geologists, we have been called in to see if we can help the police solve the crime, using the tools available in the labs of the geology building, before the crooks get away. We might find ourselves in the rock-crushing lab, the map archive or the mineral collection. Bring your thinking caps (and some closed-toed shoes) since we’ll be running from lab to lab to see if we can save the day.

C1. C2. C3. – Chemical Engineering Of Slime Production

This workshop will give participants hands-on experience making slime, while learning about chemical engineering. Chemical engineers turn raw materials into different useful finished products. We’ll make changes to the slime “recipe” to see how the properties of our slime change, and demonstrate our “slime factory” to show how we scale our experiments up from the laboratory to the factory.

D1. D2. – Field Skills for the Forest

Get outside and enjoy the forest! We’ll learn the common tree species and learn the use of a compass, an essential skill if you want to go off the beaten path. Come join the company of others who want to be in the woods. NOTE! (Please bring Bug Repellant)

D3. – Fundamentals of Acting

In this workshop, we will warm up with theatre games that will help you learn how to listen and react quickly. From there, we will do what we call a ‘cold reading’ which is getting up on your feet and acting from selected scripts. This workshop will be a great introduction to acting!!

E1. E2. – Dance! With the UMaine Dance Team

In this workshop, we will teach a dance routine to a popular radio hit, as well as a routine to a recording of music performed by the University’s marching band. These two different dances will be taught to showcase the diversity of dance styles that exist and are offered at UMaine.

E3. – Permaculture Design: Creating Landscapes for a Sustainable Future

Permaculture is a design system that can be used to create landscapes that provide for basic needs while also caring for the planet and building sustainable communities. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basics of permaculture and will be able to participate in creating a landscape design for a specific site at the University of Maine. This will involve outdoor observation, brainstorming, and discussion as well as indoor sketching and presentation of work, all within a three-person design team.

F1. F2. – When Life Gives You Lemons: Dealing with the Stresses of Life

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the many pieces of life that are in motion at all times (sports, 4-H, school, etc) and how that can be stressful. We’ll talk about ways to hear what stress is saying, and explore ways to reduce stress. Warning: there will be laughter and play in this workshop.

F3. J2. – Inventing Ways to Meet our Needs-Making things work for all ages!

In this workshop you will learn about assistive technology (AT) and how it is used to help farmers and gardeners of all ages. We will discuss how to adapt tools, equipment or work spaces to suit a farmers needs. We will do a hands-on exercise to build your own AT to take home. This workshop will help you explore future careers in agriculture, engineering or occupational therapy.

G1. G2. – Visualizing Dracula: Ultrasound and Microscopy in Vet Medicine

We will demonstrate using an ultrasound machine to find veins in horses and cattle, and then we’ll have a hands-on microscope session to identify blood cells. Did you know you can identify the type of animal, just by looking at the blood cells? Find out more about how blood works, about critters that live IN blood (not ON a blood diet, like vampires, though), and about how to work a microscope and an ultrasound machine. Not for the squeamish.

NOTE: Youth with allergies, there will be live animals present during this workshop.

G3. K2. – Everything is Connected

In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at the complex webs connecting all living and non-living things together. We’ll run through a few different scenarios with an EnvrioScape to examine ground and water pollution, then we’ll see just what happens when you add or remove different animals from an ecosystem to see the impacts those changes make. The world around us is all about webs and we are stuck in the middle; find your place in the network! Through fun, hands-on activities you will be challenged to envision a balanced ecosystem and learn about great opportunities in many different ecological-based career fields. We’ll take a closer look at the complex webs connecting all living and non-living things together. Find your place in world ecology as we discover how small changes to local environments impact the greater whole.

H1. H2. – Waves in the Ocean: Water, Sound and Light

In this workshop we will explore the different ways in which waves are fascinating, including how they behave in water and air, how sounds and light waves are similar but also different (for example, sound cannot travel in empty space but light can), and how waves change as they encounter changes in the environment.

H3. – Exploring Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology deals with matter on an atomic or molecular scale – in other words, really tiny! This emerging science may be able to create new materials and could have far ranging implications in medicine, electronics, biomaterials and more. Come and see how your future might be changed by nanotechnology!

I1. I2. – “Fox Hunting” With High Altitude Ballooning

After a short overview of high altitude ballooning, we’ll go out and practice recovering a payload from a lost balloon using only our direction finding radios.

I3. – 4th H for Health Challenge!

Join nutrition leaders from Tufts University in Boston for a workshop that will turn you into a health leader! We’ll test your nutrition knowledge, bust common nutrition myths, and teach fun active games you can take back to your 4-H club meetings, fairs, and community to make a big difference. At the end, you’ll learn about the statewide 4-H Challenge for the 4th H – Health!

J1. – Secret Lives of Insects (Entomology)

Participants will learn about the many ways insects avoid predators. After collecting insects outside using a sweep net we will discuss their importance, behavior, lifecycle, and strategies they use for avoiding predators. Entomological research at the University and careers in entomology will be also discussed. (If the weather is bad that day we will be staying in the lab and looking at live insects we have in the lab.)

K1. – Invention Convention! You Be the Judge

The Invention Convention is a statewide competition that promotes innovative problem solving and inventing by Maine middle school students. In this workshop you will choose the best invention to receive the 4-H award.

L2. – Composite Materials Strengthening Our World

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the incredible world of engineering at the UMaine Composites Center. See how students and staff at UMaine break things, on purpose, and get paid to do it. You’ll also get to invent your very own floating wind turbine and test it in a wind-wave tank!

AA. – Audition Workshop (Double Session)

In this workshop you will learn aspects of ‘cold’ auditions: How to read a scene or monologue quickly and interpret it quickly, the correct etiquette of auditioning, and how to audition to work, not to merely impress.

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