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Maine 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl & Hippology Tryouts & Study Sessions

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Quiz Bowl is a questions game similar to Jeopardy. Two teams with four players each, use electric buzzers to answer questions and gain points. The questions are all horse related and can range from diseases and anatomy to tack and riding disciplines.

Hippology consists of several components including a written test, visual slides, identification of diagrams, horse judging, and a team problem.

Every year, a quiz bowl/ hippology tryouts is held for the Maine State Quiz Bowl team. Four 4-Hers and one alternate are chosen to be on each team. 4-Hers selected to be on the teams are expected to attend practice sessions, and compete both regionally in New Hampshire and nationally in Kentucky.

In order to try-out for the Quiz Bowl/Hippology team, you must be enrolled in 4-H and be 14-18 as of Jan. 1st. However, ALL 4-Hers and volunteers are welcome and encouraged to come to quiz bowl/hippology study sessions. Meetings will be held once a month on Friday evening. You can participate in the study sessions by coming to Libby Hall at the University of Maine in Orono, or by arranging a skype or poly-com connection to Orono from a place convenient for you. Please contact the Quiz Bowl/hippology coordinator to proceed on the latter.

To try-out for the Quiz Bowl or Hippology teams, 4-Hers must take the written tryout test which will be offered at your local county extension office from Feb. 16th-March 14th. The first Quiz Bowl/ Hippology study session, will be held March 28th at 6pm.

If you are interested in trying out for the team, or just want information please contact the quiz bowl/hippology coordinator:         Edie Kershner or (207)322-4601.

2013 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl and Hippology Meetings

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Horse quiz bowl and hippology meetings will begin January 26th and be held once a month on Saturday or Sunday. 4-Her’s interested in trying-out for the Maine teams which compete nationally in Kentucky at the Eastern 4-H Horse Round-Up exposition are required to attend these meetings. Although material is designed for 4-Hers ages 14-18, all ages are welcome to attend and material will be revised for younger 4-Hers.

Meetings will consist of working with quiz bowl buzzers, labeling horse diagrams, hands-on activities, review of workbook assignments, field trips to equine facilities, lectures/demonstrations by equine professionals, and educational games. Home assignments will consist of assigned readings, short research essays, and review quizzes. All materials will be provided free of charge. For more information about time and place of meetings, call Edie Kershner (207) 322-4601 or email at

Topics to be covered each month are as follows:

January – History of the horse, breeds and breed associations, coat colors and markings.

February – physiological systems and anatomy; will include skeletal, muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems.

March – foaling, yearling care, and dental aging and care

April – Infectious diseases of the horse, common health conditions and problems, first aid, and vices

May – Nutrition, feeds, the healthy horse, poisonous plants, and common parasites and flies

June – Conformation, unsoundness’s, horse judging principles, shoeing, and farrier equipment

July – Tack, riding disciplines and events, farm management, and pasture care

August – Equine genetics, breeding and reproduction

September – Review

October – Regional Competition

November – National Competition

For more information about time and place of meetings, call Edie Kershner (207) 322-4601 or email at