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Eligible Maine 4-H youth interested in National 4-H Trips are encouraged to consider applying for both National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference. Applicants can view the scoring guidelines used by the judges and learn more aboutĀ what the judges look for to aid in preparing for the process.

The process for applying and being selected for a National 4-H Trip can be broken down into these steps:

  1. Submit the application packet. Application Packets must include:
    • Application Cover Sheet: Word | PDF
    • 4-H Story: Word | PDF (Note: Follow the guidelines for your 4-H story specified; there are required pieces for this version of the 4-H story in addition to those listed in a 4-H Portfolio.)
    • 4-H Resume: Word | PDF

    View the scoring rubric for application packets used by the judges (PDF).

  2. Participate in an in-person interview on Saturday, April 12, or Monday, April 14, 2014. Applicants are expected to participate in an in-person interview. The interviews are scheduled to take place on two different days. Applicants will have the choice of two sites. These two sites will be linked via video-conference when necessary. Interviews may last up to 30 minutes. Take a look at our list of possible interview questions. View the scoring rubric for interviews used by the judges (PDF). Applicants should not overlook this important part of the application process. Take time to review the questions and prepare your answers. Spend time researching to learn about good interview techniques and manners.
  3. Notification to Applicants. Decisions will be announced by the following methods:
    • By e-mail to all UMaine Extension county offices
    • By mail to all applicants
    • By newsletter the following month

Applicants will have access to their completed scoring rubrics when requested. Any applicant who requests a copy of their rubric will receive it by mail and a copy will also be sent to their county staff person. This is meant to be an educational process, so applicants areĀ encouraged to request their rubrics and feedback from the judges.

Selected applicants will receive information regarding the trip, including attending a trip orientation and any pre/post conference requirements as needed.

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