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Judges will select questions from this list during the interview. Judges may also ask you to highlight something presented in your application packet.You should reference your application packet when applicable during your interview. 

  1. Why do you want to attend one of these national trips?
    Why do you feel you would be a good representative of Maine 4-H?
  2. How do you describe 4-H to someone who does not know about 4-H?
  3.  What are the most significant projects you have done during your 4-H career?
    How many years have you participated in each?
    What project related skills have these projects helped you learn?
  4. What are the most important life skills you have mastered as a result of your 4-H work?
  5. How has 4-H encouraged you to do service in or with  your club, school or community? Give an example of how your service has impacted others to make a difference in your own life and/or in others lives.
  6. How has 4-H helped you develop your leadership skills? What are some key leadership roles you have been involved with in 4-H or other organizations? Give us a specific example of a situation where you were a leader.
  7. How have the experiences and learning skills developed through 4-H influenced your future goals and plans?
  8. Tell us about something you do really well.
  9. Give us an example of how you have handled a difficult or challenging situation.
  10. Identify a problem or an issue where you wanted to see something changed. What strategies did you come up with to address the issue?  How satisfied were you with the outcome?
Additional questions for Conference applicants
  1. Attending 4-H National Conference requires that you do some pre- and post-conference work, such as collecting information about youth concerns and the 4-H program in Maine. There is an expectation that you will share your learning when you return from the event. Highlight an example of a county or state 4-H activity that you would be willing to use to implement the “back-home” action plan you will create when on this trip.
  2.  How would you explain your experiences in 4-H to a senator or member in congress?
  3.  Explain to us what characteristics a youth leader must have to represent the State of Maine?  Now give us an example of how you meet these leadership characteristics.

Additional questions for Congress applicants

  1. What is a community service project that really mattered to you? What did you do? How did you choose it? What did you learn? What questions did it raise for you? Did that make you think of any next steps that you might consider for the future?
  2. How has 4-H prepared you to be a good citizen?
  3. At 4-H Congress you will be with about 1,000 new people. What excites you most about this opportunity? What makes you anxious? What are some strategies you use to meet new people?
  4.  Please tell us about your experience with cultural diversity. How do you benefit from exposure to different cultures and ways of doing things?

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