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Sheep Team Encouraged to Send Intents Early

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4-H youth with sheep projects and aspiring to go to Eastern States with the Sheep Team are encouraged to send their Intent to Participate Form in early. Here are some great reasons why from the 4-H Sheep Committee:

  • You’ll get on the sheep team email list to find out about educational opportunities to learn about sheep (we don’t have a lot of meetings of just sitting around – we do stuff)
  • We meet during the winter, spring and summer to learn about sheep and plan for the ESE experience before the event in the fall.
  • Youth have a chance to learn online through quizzes that can help members with the sheep skill-a-thons at Maine fairs this summer as well as Eastern States.

If you’ve been involved with a 4H sheep project for at least a year, you are 12 years of age or older in 4-H years, and you re-enrolled as a 4-Her by December 31, then let us know now so we can get you connected to the other state sheep team kids. Youth who do not want to attend Eastern States, but who still want to learn about sheep are welcome to attend these educational events.

For more information, you can contact Michaele Bailey, 207.581.3872, or Wendy Almeida at Intent to participate forms can be found at

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