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Brooks 4th of July – Share Your 4-H Stories

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Wanted! 4-H alumni to come tell your 4-H stories at the Brooks 4th of July celebration. Story telling is located over at the Brooks fairground shortly after the parade is over.

Participants can bring photos, and samples of projects past or present. Let’s try to go back in time as far as we can.

If you know of a 4-H alum (a former 4-H member, 4-H club leader / volunteer), call them on the phone and invite them to come to the Brooks 4th of July Celebration.

If a 4-H alum cannot attend on July 4th, ask them if a 4-H member and volunteer can set up an interview with them at a more convenient time.

We know family schedules are busy. If you have an hour or two of free time, please come join us on the 4th. It would be great if 4-H members, volunteers and alumni would RSVP by contacting the Waldo County 4-H Staff.

Thank you for your consideration.

Come join us!

Let’s enjoy listening and capturing our wonderful Waldo County’s 4-H stories.

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