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Citizen Science Opportunity for 4-H Youth and Families!

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Do you notice the seasonal changes in plants and animals? If you do, you can become a citizen scientist, observing and recording these changes as part of the science of phenology (the study of seasonal changes). Signs of the Seasons is a statewide volunteer phenology monitoring program coordinated by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Sea Grant in partnership with other organizations throughout the state. The information Signs of the Seasons volunteers collect helps scientists who are trying to understand how our natural environment is changing in response to climate change. Training is being offered for interested 4-H Youth Leaders and Youth Educators throughout Maine (dates below). The training is free and open to interested volunteers, though registration is required. Participants will learn about the history and science of phenology, and about ways this information is helping scientists, resource managers, and others working to understand, predict, and adapt to ecological changes related to climate change. You’ll gain practical experience for observing and recording plant and animal life cycles in your own backyard, schoolyard or other community location while contributing valuable data. You’ll also learn how to add your data to the national online database hosted by the USA-National Phenology Network. Signs of the Seasons staff will also introduce a series of educational activities that can be used to support and enrich 4-H Youth participation in the program.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:
Blue Hill, ME – May 5, 10 am – 12:30 pm

To register, please contact the Knox-Lincoln County Cooperative Extension Office:  Pamela Doherty or Esperanza Stancioff; 832-0343 or 1-800-244-2104.

For more information, please check out our website: or to request special accommodations, contact Esperanza Stancioff at (207) 832-0343 or (800) 244-2104 (in Maine), or e-mail UMaine Extension programs are open and accessible to all in accordance with program goals. To provide adequate time to respond to your request please provide as much notice as possible.

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